CEP members sign-up and login on the same page:

Note: Only one CEP membership account is allowed per person.

Upon login, members are directed to CEP Members Area. Access to the CEP Main Control Panel is made available in the Members Area::

Note: The blue access button to open the CEP Control Panel will only function during the free trial period, bonus access period or paid access period.

When you click the blue access button in the Members Area, the CEP Main Control Panel will launch and you are ready to conduct an evaluation using the program:

Click here to open the Comedy Evaluator Pro Fast Start Guide.

For more detailed instructions, information and a special report called Getting Results, please visit the Software Info Center.

Next to the CEP Main Control Panel you will find a YouTube Video Interface which will allow you to use a YouTube video link to display a video of the comedy performance you wish to evaluate:

To review screenshots of the detailed, minute-by-minute report produced by Comedy Evaluator Pro, click here.

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