Situations That Can Affect Comedy Evaluator Pro Evaluations

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Comedy Evaluator Pro (CEP) is a web-based application now designed for both mobile and desktop use for comedy performance evaluations.

However, there are a few situations that can affect the operation of CEP. These are provided below as well as some notes on the data CEP provides


Mobile users: An internet connection or a strong data connection is needed for CEP to function properly. A weak or dropped data connection or internet connection will interfere with the ability of CEP to function properly.

Desktop users: A consistent internet connection is needed for accurate operation.

PAR Recorder Input

There are several user related situations that will impact the use of CEP:

Keeping the Record button activated for an entire performance review. Some users are unaware that using the Record button requires on/off activation and does not automatically record each PAR episode.

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Inflated PAR measurement. Some individuals will record PAR episodes for longer than they actually are in order to get better evaluation results. This sort of activity automatically reduces the accuracy and effectiveness of using CEP.

The value of CEP as an objective performance evaluation tool relies upon accurate recording of the duration of PAR episodes during a performance.

In order to get the maximum benefit from using CEP, all users should be as accurate as possible when recording PAR episodes during a performance evaluation.

Audience Dynamics

While largely outside the control of a comedian, audience dynamics can directly influence the performance data generated by CEP. Subsequently, it is important for CEP users to be able to discerned the impact of audience dynamics relative to a performance evaluation.

Detailed information about audience dynamics is provided in this user report.

Software Notes

Cross minute laughter count. There will be occasions during a performance evaluation when the recording of a PAR event is started at the end of one minute and ends at the beginning of the next minute.

The only impact this has is that 2 PAR events are counted – 1 in the start minute and one in the next minute.

Skipped PAR event numbering. This is primarily associated with use of the mouse hover function for desktop users due to ability to very rapidly start and stop the PAR recorder.

CEP is designed to count and record every PAR event of 500 milliseconds or more in duration (for conventional rounding to the nearest whole second). However on occasion you may see a missing number for a PAR event and here’s why:

The skipped PAR event numbering occurs when a user ends a PAR recording between 499 and 500 milliseconds. In this instance, the PAR event is accounted for by number, but did not reach the 500 millisecond threshold for displaying the recorded PAR event. This means a PAR event was recorded but the duration was not long enough to included in the report results..

Just know that all PAR events of 500 milliseconds or more are recorded. If you see a skipped PAR event number, you now know why that occurred.

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