Getting A Full Page Screen Shot For CEP Evaluations On Your Mobile Device

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If you are strictly a CEP mobile device user when it comes to conducting performance evaluations, you will quickly run into this issue:

While most smartphones have a built-in functionality to quickly produce a web page screen shot…

The detailed evaluation data displayed by CEP is provided in an accordion style format that when expanded to reveal PAR event data, will quickly extend beyond the view of the mobile device screen.

This can cut off much of evaluation data you will want to save and refer to for your performance improvement efforts — beyond the view of a normal screen shot.

However this issue is very easily remedied by simply installing a free scrolling screen shot app for Android or iOS mobile devices. There are a number to choose from no matter what mobile device platform you are using.

In the simplest terms, CEP is a software driven web page that automatically adapts in size and operational functionality based on the device it is being used on.

So getting a screen shot that captures an entire performance evaluation is not an issue using a scrolling screen shot app.

As always, you will want to test any scrolling screen shot app to make sure it functions to make the extended screen captures you want (and you can do that on any long web page).

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