Using Comedy Evaluator Pro For Live Performance Evaluations

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While Comedy Evaluator Pro (CEP) is specifically designed for evaluating recorded stand-up comedy (and humorous speaking presentations) to pinpoint areas that may need performance improvement work…

Anyone with a smartphone and access to CEP could certainly use the software for live performance evaluations.

However, there are only a few reasons that I can think of where this sort of use of CEP for a live performance may be advantageous. Specifically:

Reason #1: To get experience using CEP without the need for a recording. However this can easily be done from YouTube videos or the TV.

Reason #2: To verify the performance levels of pro comedians and to see what their evaluation reports are like. Again, his can easily be done from YouTube videos or the TV.

Reason #3: To check the performance levels of other new comedians in order to get a feel for the performance levels that the local “competition” is at. I will focus on this reason for the remainder of this report, as it seems to be the most viable reason I can think of.

Let me start by saying that access to CEP is NOT needed to determine if a comedian is getting little to no laughter with their stand-up comedy routine.

As a matter of fact, most new comedians will fall into this category.

But for the handful of new and/or moderately experienced comedians who are making some progress with their stand-up comedy and getting some laughs during their set — well, you don’t even have to be in the same room that the comedian is performing in to do a real time CEP evaluation to see for yourself what performance level they are at.

Let me explain what I mean by that. Most every venue that offers stand-up performances, whether they be professional shows or open mic nights, usually has some sort of lobby or foyer outside the showroom where the stage is located.

Some have a green room that is situated such that whoever is performing (and the audience they are performing for) can be easily heard.

As long as you can hear the comedian and hear when the audience is laughing, you don’t even need to be in the same room that a comedian is performing in to conduct a live CEP performance evaluation with your mobile device.

The only real issue that I see with conducting a live CEP performance evaluation is that you won’t have a recording to fall back on for a “do over” in the event you get interrupted, distracted, need to take a phone call or reply to a text, etc.

That’s all I have on this topic for now. As new and pertinent information comes to light on using CEP for live performance evaluations, I will update this page accordingly.

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