Have You Heard Negative Comments About Comedy Evaluator Pro? Here’s Why…

I suspect you will always run into negative comments online as well as from other comedians you meet about Comedy Evaluator Pro for a number of reasons:

1. As I have mentioned before, stand-up comedy is a highly competitive performing art.

Subsequently, most comedians are unwilling or unable to provide information of any real value to another comedian to help them succeed as a comedian.

To put it bluntly, most comedians selfishly want other comedians to suck, struggle and suffer as long and hard as they have in the business and will NOT say anything good about Comedy Evaluator Pro under any circumstance because it can potentially shave years off a comedian’s development and delivery of stand-up comedy material.

Hint: Any system or process that even remotely smells like a potential shortcut or an advantage for another comedian is usually largely and loudly frowned upon.

2. Despite any outward appearance to the contrary, most comedians (and so-called comedy “experts” as well) are extremely ignorant or severely misinformed when it comes to understanding comedy mechanics, audience dynamics, or measurable audience response frequency and duration — much less having so much as a clue about performance improvement or how to even conduct such activities.

For most comedians, stand-up comedy is (and will always be) a strictly a “trial and error”, “hit or miss” process and they fully expect it to be that way for any other comedian trying to make headway in the world of stand-up comedy.

I should also mention that there is no need for comedians who consistently bomb on stage night after night to use Comedy Evaluator Pro.

3. Many comedians are quick to hide behind the “subjective” nature of stand-up comedy, even though many can’t generate so much as a measurable giggle from audiences with their stand-up comedy material.

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Denial about an individual’s actual comedic ability in front of live audiences runs rampant in this business.

And it severely chaps many comedians that a tool is available to objectively measure and determine just how funny (or unfunny) they may be when delivering their material for live audiences.

But don’t take my word for any of this. Go to ANY stand-up comedy open mic and see for yourself what I am talking about first hand.

The Amazing Part

Here’s what I find absolutely fascinating about negative comments regarding Comedy Evaluator Pro:

There is no “theory”, speculation or conjecture involved in the measurement of the duration and frequency of audience laughter, cheering or applause generated by a comedian during a comedy performance.

Unlike trying to convince someone that there is an undetectable entity such as low frequency sound waves that cannot be heard, there are no such “undetectable” forces at work in stand-up comedy.

Audiences can hear (and see) when a comedian is delivering their comedy material.

Audience laughter, cheering and applause breaks can be heard and measured, unless…

Audience response is simply not there to be heard or measured during a comedy performance.

Prolonged episodes of an absence of laughter during a comedy show is commonly known as BOMBING in the world of stand-up comedy — a situation universally accepted as highly unfavorable for comedians.

Oddly enough, comedians who bomb simply will not progress in the dog-eat-dog world of stand-up comedy.

The Scene Cut From The Movie “I Am Comic”

When I went to Los Angeles in 2009 to film a part in the stand-up comedy documentary “I Am Comic” (#ad) about Comedy Evaluator Pro, I had no idea until after the filming that…

The host and narrator Ritch Shydner, an accomplished headlining comedian and comedy writer was convinced that Comedy Evaluator Pro was some sort of bogus “gimmick”.

But after explaining how the process worked and conducting  number of evaluations using the software on comedians at all levels, Ritch turned to me at the end of the filming and said:

“Knowing what I know now, why wouldn’t every comedian use this software to improve their act?”

I quickly replied:

“Because most comedians don’t want to know how badly they suck.” Everyone in the room immediately cracked up with laughter.

But unfortunately, that scene didn’t make the cut for the movie — which is an outstanding documentary (without my part in the film) and a “must see” for anyone serious about stand-up comedy.

The Bottom Line

Comedy Evaluator Pro can potentially provide comedians, comedy entertainers, and speaking professionals with an almost unfair advantage over the competition in any market, provided that…

Individuals who use the software tend to have real comedy talent and understand the value of engaging in intelligent and calculated performance improvement activities.

Hmmm…that’s starting to smell like a possible shortcut to me. And as I mentioned earlier, those are hugely frowned upon.

So, the next time you see or hear a negative comment about Comedy Evaluator Pro (which won’t ever go away), just ask yourself this question:

Is the person making that negative comment about Comedy Evaluator Pro able to consistently generate headliner level laughter from live audiences with their stand-up comedy material?

In the vast majority of cases you will find the answer to be — not even close.

But whether an individual decides to use Comedy Evaluator Pro or not for performance benchmarking and improvement…

I still want everyone who has the spine to tackle stand-up comedy to experience the shear exhilaration and sense of accomplishment that delivering headliner level stand-up comedy material provides as soon as humanly possible.

There are few thrills on the planet that even come close.

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Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. – Mark Twain

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