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Using The Comedy Evaluator Pro Online Software

Members Area & Main Control Panel Screen Shots

Performance Data Report Screen Shots

CEP Fast Start Guide (one page PDF)

Software Info Center (More extensive information on using CEP)

CEP Special Reports

Note: There is extensive information about audience dynamics provided in Episode 5 of the Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners downloadable audio series.

How Comedy Evaluator Pro Was Developed

Understanding The Objective Metrics Of Headliner Level Stand-up Comedy

Comedy Evaluator Pro: What It Can Tell You And How It Can Help You

Getting Hired As A Comedian: How “Funny” Is Determined In Online Stand-up Comedy Videos

How Audience Dynamics Directly Impact Comedy Performance Levels

Have You Heard Negative Comments About Comedy Evaluator Pro? Here’s Why…

Yes, Comedy Evaluator Pro Was Featured In A Stand-up Comedy Documentary