Extending Your Comedy Evaluator Pro Access

cep-screenshotIf you are reviewing this page, it means that:

  • You have established a free Comedy Evaluator Pro account
  • You have checked out the software and its capabilities during the free 14 day trial period
  • You took the opportunity to review the software information resources provided
  • You have determined that Comedy Evaluator Pro can provide you with a significant competitive advantage as a comedian

In order to extend your access to the Comedy Evaluator Pro online software, please follow the directions below.

Note: In case you are not aware of this,  I should mention that 1 year FREE access to Comedy Evaluator Pro is included with registration to the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

Extending Your CEP Access

There are two upgrade options below to get extended Comedy Evaluator Pro access — $39.95 for 3 month access or $99.95 for lifetime access.

The extended upgrade access option that you choose will be processed by PayPal (no PayPal account is needed to process extended Comedy Evaluator Pro access).

Once your payment for extended access has been processed, make sure you click the Return to Merchant link.

You will be directed back to a special page on this website. Once you have provided the info using the form on that special page that I need to adjust your CEP account, I will then process your extended access to Comedy Evaluator Pro and notify you personally via email once the process complete.

Note: All Comedy Evaluator Pro extended access upgrades are processed manually and are usually completed in 12 hours or less. If you have ANY difficulty along the way, please use the form on the Contact page to let me know immediately.


CEP 3 Month Access ($39.95)


CEP Lifetime Access ($99.95)


Please make sure you click the Return To Merchant link once your payment has been processed!

Thank you for your interest in our programs!