How Audience Dynamics Directly Impact Comedy Performance Levels

Audience dynamics have a direct impact on the laughter results that any comedian can generate during any particular performance and the evaluation results produced by Comedy Evaluator Pro. This report provides specific information about audience dynamics every comedian should be aware of. Continue reading How Audience Dynamics Directly Impact Comedy Performance Levels

Have You Heard Negative Comments About Comedy Evaluator Pro? Here’s Why…

I suspect you will always run into negative comments online as well as from other comedians you meet about Comedy Evaluator Pro for a number of reasons: 1. As I have mentioned before, stand-up comedy is a highly competitive performing art. Subsequently, most comedians are unwilling or unable to provide information of any real value to another comedian to help them succeed as a comedian. To put it bluntly, most comedians selfishly want other comedians to suck, struggle and suffer as long and hard as they have in the business and will NOT say anything good about Comedy Evaluator Pro under any circumstance