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If you are serious about taking your stand-up comedy to the next level in the shortest time possible:

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Note: Additional information about Comedy Evaluator Pro can also be found in Episode 12 of the Stand-up Comedy Secrets For Beginners downloadable audio series.

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The Decision Is Yours

You are certainly welcome to “follow the herd” of comedians and comedy entertainers who choose to develop and deliver their stand-up comedy material using the “conventional” hit or miss, 100% trial and error approach in order to meet their stand-up comedy goals.

But if you want break away from the “herd” of comedians who consistently perform poorly on stage and want to:

  • Know exactly which parts of your stand-up comedy material/punchlines need improvement NOW
  • Know the true laughter generation power of your entire stand-up comedy act or any specific bit
  • Know when you are delivering headliner level stand-up comedy material beyond a shadow of a doubt
  • Establish performance benchmarks for meeting your ultimate comedy performance goals
  • Want to have a significant competitive edge over other comedians when it comes to rapid performance improvement

Then I can only recommend that you do this now:

1. Make sure you review the CEP FAQ page.

2. Check out the CEP Info Resources Page.

3. Decide if you want to have any sort of significant advantage over other comedians or comedy entertainers when it comes to performance benchmarking and improvement.

Only then — should you determine that Comedy Evaluator Pro can really help you reach your comedy goals faster, more effectively and more efficiently — sign-up as CEP Member today:

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I wish you the best and fastest success possible in your comedy adventures!

Steve Roye
Professional Comedian (ret.)
Creator of Comedy Evaluator Pro