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Using CEP

Using Comedy Evaluator Pro

Overview: When a comedian steps on stage and starts a performance, there are two measurable activities that occur – the comedian is talking (delivering their act) or the audience is laughing, cheering and/or applauding (referred to as PAR – Positive Audience Response).

CEP allows the user to easily and objectively evaluate a comedy performance on a mobile device or desktop platform by simply listening to a video recording, audio recording or live performance (mobile) and measuring/recording the duration of each PAR episode that occurs during that performance.

A YouTube player is also built-in to the bottom of CEP for video evaluations.

Upon the conclusion of a performance evaluation, a detailed report is generated that provides a PAR Score, number of PAR events each minute and much more. Details about the Performance Report are provided in the Your Results section.

Basic instructions are provided on the CEP Control Panel. More detailed, step-by-step instructions are as follows:

Conducting A Performance Evaluation

Starting a performance evaluation. For mobile users, Tap the Start button (this button will change to Stop Evaluation in order to conclude the evaluation). For desktop users, click the Start button or press the S key on your keyboard to begin a performance evaluation.

Recording an measuring PAR episodes. For mobile device users, the duration of each PAR episode during a performance is obtained by simply tapping the Record button once when the PAR for each episode starts and tapping the Record button again when each PAR episode ends.

For desktop users, the duration of each PAR episode is recorded by hovering the mouse cursor over the Record button or depressing and holding the Space Bar when a PAR episode starts, then by removing the mouse cursor away from the Record button or releasing the Space Bar on your keyboard when a PAR episode ends.

Note: There is a .5 second (500 ms) safety buffer built into the software to eliminate the recording of false starts and to improve the accuracy of performance evaluations for the end user operating the software. PAR episodes over 500 ms are counted and measured in their entirety as recorded by the user without regard to this safety buffer.

Concluding a performance evaluation. Tap or click the Stop Evaluation button (formerly the Start button) when you want to conclude a performance evaluation.

Immediately, a View Report button will appear at the bottom of the CEP Control Panel (next to the Reset button). Click or tap the View Report button to review the detailed Performance Evaluation Report.

Details about the Performance Evaluation Report generated by CEP as well as how to use the information it provides can be found in the Your Results section.


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Note: 1 year of free CEP access is included with the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

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Again, all payments are one time payments only (no recurring) and provide CEP access for the time period desired.

Thank you for your interest in Comedy Evaluator Pro for your performance improvement efforts!