Comedy Evaluator Pro Report Screen Shots

Once you are ready to conclude a CEP evaluation (after the last laugh, cheer and or applause break in the recorded performance you are evaluating), click the Stop Evaluation button and the View Report button will appear at the bottom of the CEP Main Control Panel:

Simply click the View Report button to access a printable, minute-by-minute report of the comedy performance evaluated:

This is a screen shot of a CEP evaluation of an actual stand-up comedy performance by a comedian delivering an open miker level stand-up comedy performance — for 130 audience members.

Headliner level stand-up comedy generates a minimum average of 18 seconds of laughter, cheering or applause (PAR Score 30) per minute (or performance).


1. If your stand-up comedy material is transcribed as you delivered it on stage, it is very easy to identify punchline effectiveness and set-up lines that need to be revised for brevity or deleted — on a minute-by-minute basis.

You can also get a very good indication of how much time your stand-up comedy material consumes when delivered relative to audience dynamics (size, seating, etc,) and audience response to your comedy material.

2. You should always include important information about the performance being evaluated in the Performance Notes section prior to printing such as:

– Audience dynamics (other than audience size for which there is a box)

– Interruptions or hecklers that impacted your show

– Any other notes about anything that may have influenced your performance

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